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Wabtec diesel engines

VMS Group is the exclusive distributor of the Wabtec corporation engine series L/V250 MDC and V228 in Scandinavia and Germany.

The engines deliver continuous power, ranging from 1,308 kW to 4,660 kW and each engine features high-capacity turbochargers, efficient combustion design, electronic fuel injection (EFI) or Common Rail (CR) and can be integrated into marine and stationary systems to meet strict emissions levels.

The engines meet the EPA Tier 4 and IMO’s Tier III emission standards without the use of SCR equipment and urea-based after-treatment.

The combination of non-SCR, dosing and monitoring equipment or urea tanks saves up to 75 % space and saves the extra costs associated with that extraneous equipment.

Operating Cost (OPEX) savings
The table below lists the approximated capital investment and operating costs associated with a SCR system for a medium speed diesel engine to reduce NOx from IMO II to IMO III level for a vessel that operates a medium duty cycle for 6,000 hr. per year.

Engine power node (kW)1700225035004700
SCR CAPEX (USD)75,000100,000135,000180,000
SCR OPEX (USD/year)35,75041,25057,50077,250

The operational cost for the SCR is based on urea usage (13.5 g/kWh @ 0.50 USD/l (40% solution), catalyst replacements (every 20,000 operating hrs.) and maintenance on the SCR system components (3% of capex). While Wabtec’s urea free IMO III and EPA T4 certified marine engines might require a higher capex compared to a solution based on an IMO II marine engine coupled with a SCR system, the operational cost savings outlined above could drive a payback of 3 to 5 years in most applications.


Wabtec Corporation’s L250 MDC inline engine – available in 6- and 8-cylinder models – offers a streamlined design that is fuel-efficient and delivers continuous power. The L250 is specifically engineered for marine applications with accessories mounted on the engine for easy access and thereby maintenance friendly. The L250 MDC engine delivers a continuous power from 1,700 kW to 2,500 kW.

When it comes to retrofit solutions, this engine is particularly suitable as it is designed narrow inline, which means easy mounting on the ship foundation.

The L250 MDC-series meet IMO Tier III/EPA 4 emissions standards.


The V250 MDC is available in 12- and 16-cylinder models and proves it possible to meet the emissions compliance requirements of IMO Tier III/EPA 4 without sacrificing fuel efficiency. In this engine, improved fuel administration, a combustion system design and refined cooling deliver fuel savings of as much as 6.5%.

Wabtec Corporation’s V250 MDC diesel engines are available in 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder V configurations for medium-speed duty with continuous power from 2,725 kW to 4,700 kW.


With exceptional reliability and operating costs among the lowest in their class, V228 engines from Wabtec Corporation are the right choice for dependable, efficient power.

Wabtec Corporation’s V228 Series Engines are dependable and durable, these medium-speed engines are among the best in their class for fuel efficiency and low life cycle costs.

Engines are available in 8-, 12- and 16-cylinder configurations meeting IMO Tier II emissions.

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