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Masson Marine Gear

Masson Marine offers a full range of marine gearboxes.

  • Reversible models for fixed pitch propeller (FP)
  • Non-reversible models for Controllable Pitch propeller (CP)
  • Non-clutchable for electrical motor drive (NC)
  • Versatile PTI possibilities allowing green hybrid solutions.
  • Up to 3 PTO outputs (live or clutch-able)
  • Shaft brake, integrated or external.
  • Shaft lines
  • Propellers, controllable (CPP) or fixed pitch (FPP)
  • Propeller pump and Nozzle.

With a strong focus on R&D for 110 years, Masson Marine offers products with the highest level of durability and complying with all the main classification companies.

All Masson Marine gearboxes have a symmetrical direction of rotation, which means they can work both clockwise and counterclockwise – depending on the desired function.

Gearbox design is made compact allowing the gearbox to fit into engine rooms where space is tight.
With integrated hydraulic system made stable and reliable making the gearbox is also suitable for continuous heavy operation.

Masson gearboxes:
  • range from 200 HP to 5,000 HP
  • reduction ratio as high as 15:1
  • wide variety of PTI/PTO configurations

Hybrid solution – three choices of working modes

Dual speed gearbox

A Dual Speed gearbox allows you to have one gearbox with 2 ratios:

  • Adaptable to a larger number of working conditions.
  • Gain space.
  • Leads to fuel saving as the engine is working at maximum efficiency more often.

Masson gears are available as single, twin gears and coaxial and many other different options.

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