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Our areas of expertise

Propeller service & repair

VMS Group specialises in the reconditioning and overhaul of damaged or bent propeller blades – from the demounting on-site, the repair of the equipment and the final delivery or commissioning.

We are approved by the classification societies to carry out the special welding procedures and all repairs are done according to the requirements of the classification societies.

We repair and maintain all types of bronze or stainless steel propellers and propeller blades and carry out all kinds of work, such as:

  • Ultra-polishing
  • Welding and straightening of blades
  • Cavitation repairs
  • Edge restoring
  • New tips for propeller blades
  • Balancing
  • Machining of propeller blade feet and propeller hubs
  • Manufacturing of new propeller blades
  • Heat treatment and documentation

When manufacturing new tips, the damaged sections of the blades are cut off and samples for analysis of the material are taken. The new tips are casted to be welded onto the blades. Depending on the material, the blades are then heat-treated to normalise the material after the welding.

To obtain full efficiency of the blades and lower fuel consumption, we polish the blades in several steps to obtain the original smooth surface.

If possible, straightening of the blades is also an option. The blades are adjusted back into the original shape using heat or cold straightening.

The work is done on-site or in our workshop in Frederikshavn.

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