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VMS Group A/S
Nordhavnsvej 1
DK-9900 Frederikshavn
Tel.: +45 9622 1100
E-mail: vms@vms.dk
Company reg. no.: DK-27 21 56 29

24/7 service (emergency): Tel.: + 45 9622 1110
Sales related inquiries: sales@vms.dk

Please send your unsolicited job application by using this link:
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VMS do Brasil LTDA
Rua Magalhães Bastos, 1351
Boa Vista – São Gonçalo – RJ
CEP: 24466-250 – Brazil
Tel.: +55 21 3811 4751
E-mail: ab@vms.dk

Vestergaard Marine Service Namibia
21 Circumferential Road
Walvis Bay, Namibia
Tel. +264 64 20 9344
E-mail: namibia@vms.dk


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Sales & Marketing (Main: +45 8893 8888)
Procurement & Order Processing (Main: +45 9622 1138) - sales@vms.dk
Workshop/Service & Repairs (Main: +45 9622 1140)
Logistics (Main: +45 9622 1139)
Engineering (Main: +45 9622 1137)
Finance (Main: +45 9622 1100)
Human Resources
VMS do Brasil LTDA
Vestergaard Marine Service Namibia