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Data privacy statement

1. Introduction
This privacy policy describes how VMS Group A/S collects and handles your personal data. The policy applies to personal information given to us by you or information gathered via our website.

VMS Group A/S is responsible for the data (data controller). Our contact information is:

VMS Group
Havnepladsen 12
9900 Frederikshavn
Company reg. no.: DK-27 21 56 29
Tel. +45 9622 1100
E-mail: gdpr@vms.dk

As part of VMS Group’s daily operations, the company collects and stores a number of personal data about customers, partners, suppliers etc. This occurs in connection with the company selling and delivering services to customers, in connection with the purchase of goods or services to the company, as well as the cooperation between external parties and the company.

2. Types of data we collect and how we use them
We do not process special categories of personal data. We handle the following personal data for the following purposes:

2.1 Data regarding transactions and costumer relationship
If we enter into an agreement with you, we process the personal information, which is necessary to deliver the agreed service.

As we deal exclusively on the business-to-business market, we will only process personal information (name and direct email address/phone number) of the contact person associated with the company. Typically, it will be necessary to process the name, email address, phone number and title/job function of the contact person.

We will never collect or record personally sensitive information (race, religion, political conviction, trade union relations, health information etc.) about contact persons.

We will collect the above information directly from the contact person/company when entering into a business agreement. However, if that company is a repeat customer, collaborator or supplier, we will use the information already registered about that contact person/company. However, we will always check that the information is still correct and valid.

We keep this data in order to provide the best possible service to our customers i.e. in connection with complaints, questions and consultancy on previously bought services and products.

The above-mentioned personal data are therefore processed for the purpose of being able to administer and invoice the agreement that the company has agreed upon with the individual customer.

The legal basis for our treatment is Article 6 (1)(b) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

In some cases, we will also make use of Article 6 (1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation as the basis for processing personal data if we assess that we have a legitimate interest herein, which is not exceeded by the interests and civic rights of the registered person.

We keep customer information in our ERP-system. This includes both company name, address, email addresses – in some cases the name and personal email address or telephone number of a contact person – company payment information such as bank account details and history of product and service transactions.

We keep correspondence data i.e. emails in order to communicate with our customers and suppliers and hold records concerning previous transactions and jobs performed. This is relevant in order to document the concluded contracts and services delivered.

2.2 Registration to events
If the company organizes an event, the notice of attendance will be made by email. In connection with this, we will collect the name, email address and title/workplace from the participants. We will do this in order to handle the attendance notice.

The registration lists are deleted when the event has been held and all practicalities about the event is completed.

In the case of a recurring event, which will be held again at a later date, the registration lists will be stored for 12 months after the event has been held. We do this in order to evaluate who participated and how we can improve when we repeat the event. Information about the attendees is therefore used solely for this purpose, and as a result, we have assessed that the company’s interest in storing this information weighs heavier than the regard of the data subject.

If we are hosting an event, we will typically take a series of scenario photos during the event, which may be shared on our website and/or social media platforms. If a participant in an event does not want to participate in this imagery, he/she can always notify us, after which we ensure that he/she is not included in any of the pictures.

2.3 Subscription to newsletters
We only send newsletters to people who have consented to this. When obtaining consent, we will collect a number of personal information about the recipient of the newsletter: name, workplace, country and email address. We do this in order to handle the sign-up for newsletters, including sending the newsletters, to which the receiver has agreed to. We will delete this information if the person unsubscribes to the newsletter.

2.4 Data collected via our website
Our website uses cookies which are text files stored on your computer or mobile device. The cookies are used in order to make the website work efficiently as well as to provide information and analysis about the traffic on the website.

The users of our website must consent to the placement of cookie when visiting the website.

Please read more about our cookie policy here

Users of our website have the opportunity to use the website contact form. In connection with this, we collect the user’s name and email address in order to revert to the user in question. We urge that the user do not send any other personal information via the contact form, including personally sensitive information.

Customers also have the opportunity to use the stock management system, which can be accessed from the website. We have assigned a login to each customer to use for accessing the stock management system. The customer is responsible for storing the login information properly.

3. Providing your personal data to others
The company may disclose personal information about customers, partners etc. to the company’s auditors and lawyers when needing audit or legal assistance for solving specific tasks involving the relevant personal data.

In addition, the company does not disclose personal information about customers, collaborators etc. to others unless we have a legal obligation to do so.

4. Time frame for storage of data
Personal data will be deleted no later than three years after termination of use, unless there is a need to extend the time period for accounting or legal reasons.

The company only keeps personal information for as long as this is necessary and for the purposes for which they have been collected. Customer’s, collaborator’s and suppliers’ personal data are kept as long as there is a customer relationship/collaboration.

Upon completion of the customer relationship or cooperation, personal data is kept for as long as it is necessary to document the agreement and correspondence for the purpose of fulfilling the warranty commitments or other obligations that the company has.

This period may vary depending on the product sold. Therefore, the company regularly reviews its electronic archives in order to delete any personal data which is no longer relevant to keep.

For compliance with the bookkeeping act, all bookkeeping material is kept for 5 years after the end of the fiscal year in which the bookkeeping has been carried out.

5. Access to your personal information
You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information we hold. Email your request to gdpr@vms.dk

We strive to minimize the data kept and do not share or sell any data to third parties.

6. The rights of the data subjects
The persons of whom we process information have the following rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation:

  • The right to gain insight into the information we process
  • The right to have incorrect information corrected
  • In some cases, the right to have the information deleted prior to the time of our normal deletion
  • In some cases, the right to have the data processing restricted – apart from storage – so that henceforward, it may only be done after consent or for the purpose of establishing, enforcing or defending legal requirements or protecting a person or important social interests
  • In some cases, the right to object to our otherwise legitimate processing of the information
  • The right to receive the personal data, which is registered, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and, in some cases, to transfer them from one data controller to another without obstacle (data portability).

If a person wishes to take advantage of these rights, this can be done by sending us a request. In addition to this, a registered person always has the opportunity to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency about the company’s processing and storage of personal data. The Danish Data Protection Agency contact information can be found on www.datatilsynet.dk, which also contains a detailed description of the rules for processing personal data and the rights of registered person’s rights.