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Marine engine service – repair and overhaul

VMS Group is highly specialized in overhaul and repair of marine diesel engines. Our service engineers are all qualified and skilled in the repair and maintenance of high speed engines, medium speed engines and low speed engines.

We perform worldwide overhaul, service and troubleshooting 24/7 all year from both our Danish and Brazilian facilities. All carried out with a wide range of tools for on-site work.

We offer quick and cost-effective solutions

It is important to get proper maintenance of marine engines to ensure efficient and safe running of any maritime vessel.

In order to minimize costs and operational difficulties, we schedule and plan propulsion service in close cooperation with our customers. We always offer a quick and cost-effective solution to quickly ensure smooth operation of your engines.

We repair marine engines with the right tools and equipment and replace only what are necessary as we are aware of the cost of spare parts. We always carry out both repair and overhaul of marine engines with special attention to the engine manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines.

Service and repair of engine equipment

We offer both maintenance, repair and overhaul of high speed engines, medium speed engines and low speed engines, as well as all of your engine equipment.

We are equipped with the latest advanced machining, grinding and calibration equipment to ensure an effective overhaul of your engine equipment. Our engine workshop is equipped to perform service and repair of these types of engine equipment:

Cylinder covers from high, medium and low speed engines

We are specialized in overhaul of cylinder covers from high, medium and low speed engines. In the process the covers are dismantled, cleaned and pressure tested. All parts are measured and reconditioned incl. grinding of valves and seats.

Machining to oversize valve seats and grinding of sealing surface is also possible.

Connecting rods

Usually, overhaul of connecting rods include cleaning, crack testing and tightening the connecting rods together for measuring of the big ends.

If the connecting rods are worn, we possess the equipment to recondition the small end bush and to machine the big end in case of ovality.


We offer complete overhaul of piston, incl. cleaning, measuring of ring grooves, checked for spots and crack tested

Cylinder liners

Complete overhaul of cylinder liners includes cleaning, honing, grinding/machining of sealing surfaces and complete with measurement reports. All can be done on liners with diameter from 170 to 650 mm.

Fuel equipment

We offer overhaul of most types of fuel injection pumps and injector valves. Calibration pressure up to 1,500 bars is available.

Pumps and coolers

We offer overhaul and maintenance of auxiliary equipment for marine engines.

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Excellent service needs excellent spare parts

We have a wide net of suppliers who provide us with spare parts not only for our jobs on the vessels but also for other customers as shipyards, workshops and wholesalers and more.

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