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FRAC Hanger Units

Platform FRAC Hanger
FRAC hanger platforms for the mounting of high-pressure hoses on rigs and vessels is an integrated solution with focus on both functionality and enhanced safety.

In just 20 days, VMS Group designed, obtained the relevant approval, produced and installed two dedicated FRAC hanger platforms for the jack-up drilling rig Ensco 121.

The solution integrates both safety, functionality and aesthetics.

Single FRAC Hanger
The single FRAC hanger was designed and delivered to various oil majors and includes a design package for local reinforcements on rigs and platforms. The single FRAC hanger is designed to operate one FRAC hose at a time and can be welded directly onto the deck. This is the standard way of fastening FRAC hoses to the rig/platform and is welded to the structure on the rig/platform.

FRAC Hanger Container Unit
A movable FRAC hanger container unit was designed for BP (UK). This solution is delivered as a DNV GL approved container solution and does not require any welding onboard.

This solution is beneficial for producing platforms, where the solution can be installed while the platform is online producing.

All FRAC hanger types are designed and produced upon customer requests and each design is based on the individually customer requirements.

VMS Group offers the total delivery including design, production and installation.



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