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Scandinavian distributor of General Electric Marine engines

VMS Group is the Scandinavian distributor of General Electric Marine Engine Series L250 and V250

VMS Group (formerly DT-Interlink) signs distributor agreement on GE Marine’s new marine engine, which meets the requirements for reduced emissions according to the rules of EPA Tier 4 from the Environmental Protection Agency and IMO III from the International Maritime Organization.

General Electric has appointed VMS Group as an authorized Channel Partner on new engines, sales and service in Denmark, Sweden and in the Faroe Islands.

General Electric Marine is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance medium-speed diesel engines. With more than 15,000 engines operating worldwide in some of the most challenging industrial environments, GE’s medium-speed engines have proven to be dependable, long-lasting, durable and efficient.

– We are looking forward to entering the Scandinavian market with the new engines from GE Marine and to be able to offer new as well as existing customers engines, which saves costs on after treatments, saves fuel, saves space and eliminates the use of chemicals such as urea, VMS Group Commercial Chief Officer, Kim Rasmussen says.

According to Rob van Solingen, Regional Director at GE Marine, VMS Group was chosen as the authorized Channel Partner as they were “the best suited, best located and most service oriented company in the area”.